Ye Olde Dark Arts Coven is a Tradition dedicated to honoring our ancestors, Esbats, Sabbats along with the study and practice of the Founder's unique magical path of ATR-Occult.
Ye Olde Dark Arts Coven also conducts Misas  Espirituales. Misas Espirituales is conducted in the form of a séance and is utilized to communicate with Ancestors, Spirit Guides and the Spirits of the Dead. Misas Espirituales are great for Personal Spiritual Development and keeping one's aura in balance.
Ye Olde Dark Arts Coven-Tradition offers local membership, training and inititations. Interested aspirants MUST attend every Misa which is mandatory to maintain membership within the Coven-Tradition.  While I can teach online, initiation ceremonies are done in person.
Ye Olde Dark Arts Coven has been established as a working coven to give those who have chosen to the ability to work and learn with those who are like minded individuals. The Coven will function in a support capacity for its members, and the focus of this Coven is to the education and support of individuals who are serious about learning and developing their abilities to their fullest. My Tradition is one in which teaching is of the up most importance, and teach both the lighter and darker aspects of Magick to those who have chosen to walk this path.
The inner core practices of the Coven is based upon the The Founder's practice of Palo, Spiritism, Hoodoo, Orisha Worship and Witchcraft have been incorporated into the Coven's workings and teachings.  Interested aspirants must be at least 18 years of age and have a true interest in these practices to be considered for membership within the Coven. Families are welcome to join as well. If interested simply contact me
Ye Olde Dark Arts is open to all who wish to strengthen their knowledge of various magick and belief systems and form a bond of fellowhood within the Craft. I encourage freedom of thought and individual expression.
We meet on a weekly basis to develop our ability to communicate with spirits, receive messages from them via clairaudio,spirit possession and other skills. We meet to celebrate festivals to the ancestors, Our Spirit Guides and the deities of our Coven. Magickal workings are performed as needed, both individually and within the Coven. Members who become Initiates have their names recorded in the Coven book.
Yes if interested please feel free to contact me
We offer a training program in the magickal arts. The program consists of cycles of experience. The Neophyte program is the first of these cycles. There isn't a set date or time to your studies because everyone learns and studies at a different pace. When the Elder that is mentoring you feels that you are ready, you will go on to the next level. The training involves study, practice, and initiation. It should be noted that the Cycles of training are meant to be a ladder of hierarchy.
Outer Court  (pre-coronation espiritual initiation)
The Neophyte - Responding To The Call Within
Before anyone is initiated into the Coven, you begin your training as a Neophyte. Although Neophytes are not yet initiated members of the Coven, they participate in a variety of Outer Court functions. This time of shared experiences allows the Neophyte and Initiated members of the Coven to get to know each other and decide if a future relationship will be mutually beneficial.
The Neophyte is trained under the guidance and watchful eye of a mentor. A mentor is an Elder who has chosen to devote her time to teaching. It is important to note that the Elder will only accept students who are EXTREMELY SERIOUS about becoming a member of the Coven.
The study areas of the Neophyte are:
  • Laws Of The Tradition
  • Introduction To Espiritismo
  • Construction Of The Boveda
  • *Misa Espirituals-Weekly Attendence is a Requirement*
  • Discovering the Spirits of your Spiritual Quadrant
  • Working Magic With Your Spirits
  • Working With The Saints
  • *Construction Of Spiritual Pots-*There is a Fee charged for this Initiation Level*
  • *Misa De Investigasion-*There is a Fee charged for this Ritual*
  • *Coronasion Espiritual Initiation-*There is a Fee Charged for this Initiation*
* Fees charged are for the procurement of the supplies needed for the Ritual and Initiation*
The Dedicant - Taking The Next Step
The Studies of the Dedicant are:
  • Introduction to Working With The Eggun
  • Construction Of an Eggun Altar
  • *Construction Of An Eggun Pot
  • *Construction Of An Igi Eggun
  • Commuication with the Eggun with Cowie Shells
  • Esbats and Sabbats
  • Correspondence Tables (covers various subjects)
  • Candle Magick
  • * Eggun Initiation

Inner Court 
(Post Eggun Initiation)
The Initiate - The Road To Self Discovery
Once you have received the level one initiation the Initiate completes the designated period of training under the guidance of the High Priestess. In addition to learning how to participate in a group, this Cycle is an inward journey of self- discovery and inner planes work. In this stage of the studies consist of:
  • Introduction to the Orishas
  • Feast Days Of The Orishas
  • Introduction To The Aje Spirits
At this stage of the training it will be determined if the student needs to receive warriors in which case then once received training will consist of:
  • Caring For Your Warriors
  • Communication With Chamalongos
  • Working With your Warriors

The Dark Walker - Honing Skills
This Cycle, called Dark Walking, involves immersion into the study and practice of an area of Magickal Art chosen by the Initiate. Upon completion of the Dark Walkers studies in her chosen area and if the Dark Walker has completed all the requirements to the satisfaction of the High Priestess, they will be recognized as a "Master/Mistress" of his/her Art.
Also at this level it may be also be determined whether or not the pathwalker is being called by the Nkisis/Orisha in which case those studies and initiations are handled on a case by case basis which may require extensive studies and various levels before Initiation to the Nkisi/Orisha.
The Priest/Priestess = Coming Home
At this level depending if the Dark Walker chooses to do so they are now ready to assist in teaching Neophyntes and Dediciants. They are expected to share their skills and experiences with the Coven. Those members that are initiated are considered Priest/ess of the Coven and are required to assist when called upon by The High Priestess. The Priest/ess is the representative of their area of Art.
Ye Olde Dark Arts Coven is unlike a Wiccan Coven and potential members will be required to undergo a series of in depth studying and training and a testing process at their time of Initiation. This process will let ME know if you are truly interested in walking the path, and it will allow the Spirits of the Coven to test you, to see if you are worthy of working and walking with us. We do not follow the "Wiccan" rule of a year and a day to be a full member of the Coven as each level of initiation has it own set days of meditation and reflection period.
A) An Coven Member is considered on probationary status for the first 90 days after each level of their Initiation is completed, then they are considered a full member of the Coven.
B) There are fees charged that are used for the purchase of materials used in the Initiation process, these items are concencrated for your use. Members are also required to attend Misa on a regular bases and you may be occasionally asked to contribute food for a gathering along with other members.
C) To be considered for membership into the Coven, the aspirant would need to contact me in which they will be send a Membership Application. The Application is to be read carefully and then filled out. Once this is complete the aspirant will need to contact the Coven again to be given a date and appointment for Interview with the High Priestess.
The membership Application MUST be brought to the interview.
Potential membership is initially evaluated from the answers on your application. This helps to determine if your interests are in line with the interests of this Coven and if you would be an acceptable member to join the Coven. It is the initial step in your evaluation process. During the interview any and all questions the aspirant may have in regards to the Coven will be answered. The aspirant will also be given a word doc with the Coven's Rules, the teachings of the Coven, our Services and our Dues Structure. At the end of the conclusion of the interview if you are found acceptable through your answers and the aspirant wishes to become a member of our Coven then further instructions will be given.
Our purposes are to be as follows:
1) To bring balance to our practice by integrating both Light and Shadow. All deities are revered and given respect and worshipped in the proper manner.
2) All forms of Magick are integrated within the Tradition. This also includes those practices which are thought by some to be forbidden.
3) Support one another within the Tradition in our healing, growth, and aspirations;
4) Hold Ancient rites and rituals on the Holy Days of The Tradition and other special occasions, in order to celebrate the seasons, work magick, recognize rites of passage, and honor the Deities and spirits Of Our Tradition
5) Honor And Respect For The Traditions Of The Coven and for its Members
6) Teach the adopted beliefs and traditional skills of the Coven to members.
7) When appropriate:
A: Educate the general public about the art & path of The Coven.
B: Assist in providing aid to sisters and brothers in the Craft and kindred spiritual paths when deemed necessary.
C: Commitment- All Members of this Coven must have fully committed themselves to this purpose in their beliefs, their activities, and their lives.
A. QUALIFICATIONS:  Membership shall be offered to individuals depending upon the outcome of the interview held with the Yaya (High Priestess and Founder). Ye Olde Dark Arts reserves the right to deny membership if the High Priestess feels that individual is not suitable.
Participants in the programs sponsored by this Coven shall be defined as follows:

1) Invited Guests: Interested parties who may attend all open activities, and Coven related activities in the company of a Dedicate or Initiate, with the approval of the Founder/High Priestess.
2) Friends of the Coven: Interested parties who may attend all open activities, and Coven related activities with the consent of the Founder/High Priestess.
3) Children: Unless accompanied by a parent or Guardian children under the age of 18 are not allowed to attend any Coven function due to legal ramifications.
4) Children of the Coven Members:  Children of Coven Members are accepted at all Coven functions and are considered Associate Members as long as their parents or Guardians remain current and active Members. Upon the age of majority Children of Coven Members are considered for full fledge Membership if it is their wish to join the Coven.  Children attending Coven Functions must be under the supervision of their Parents Or Guardian AT ALL TIMES and any damages caused by said children are the responsibility of Parents or Guardian!!
5) Membership in the Coven shall be limited to :
a) Neophynte: Person(s) who after having been interviewed by Founder/High Priestess has agreed to the rules set before them by the Founder/High Priestess prior to beginning lessons.
b) Dedicants: Person(s), who has dedicated themselves to the study of The Magickal Arts and are following the prescribed course of study in this Coven. After completing their training to the satisfaction of the High Priestess, the Dedicant can be initiated into the Coven.
c) Initiates : Persons who have been active in the Craft and this Coven for at least a year and have met all requirements for initiation as defined by the HIgh Priestess
d) Dark Walkers: Persons who have been active in the Craft and this Coven for at least two years and who have started independent studies in a speacialized area of the Magickal Arts (chosen by either the initiate or if they have been by the Nkisis/Orishas). Proficiency must be demonstrated in the Magickal Art that is chosen.
e) Priest/Priestess : Persons who have completed the third cycle and specialized in a specific area of choice; have demonstrated proficiency in ritual design and leadership, teaching, counseling, group process, administration and has been initiated.

The Titles of Master/Mistress of Arts shall be granted by the Yaya (High Priestess) in recognition of special achievement. Those who have attained proficiency in the appropriate field and have been approved by the High Priestess may be designated Mistress or Master of :
1) Divinatory Arts (general or specializing in Tarot, Astrology, Scrying, Cowrie Shell Readings, Obi, Chamalongos, Runes, Barajas Espanolas,etc.)
2) Herbalism (for healing, amulets/talismans, incenses oils, etc.)
3) Healing Arts (specializing in herbal healing, nutrition, energy work, aromatherapy, flower remedies, psychic healing, rebirthing, color therapy, music therapy, stone, or other healing modality)
4) Talismanic Arts (creating amulets and talismans)
5) Mediumship (specializing in spiritual possession, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, psychometry,etc.)
6) Rootwork ( Working with the Saints, herbs, baby dolls, oils, incense, spiritual cleansings, ect)
** Additional titles may be created by the High Priestess as desired.
D) Membership Status: Any persons Membership or participation may be curtailed, suspended, or terminated by decision of the High Priestess, either for lack of attendance and/or participation, or violation of the Coven's Rules.
C. GUIDELINES FOR CONDUCT: All Dedicates and Members shall be guided in their conduct by The Coven Rules.
1) All Coven Rituals and Gatherings will be set by the Founder/High Priestess and maybe held on their actual date or on the weekend nearest, as determined by the High Priestess.
2) Once scheduled, a date shall not be changed unless two or more Members request it, and unless the entire Membership can attend on the proposed alternative date.
3) During clement weather, rituals shall normaly be held outdoors at a site established by the High Priestess. During inclement weather, rituals shall be held at a location designated by the High Priestess.
B ) ORDER CLASSES (Neophyntes, Dedicates and Initiates Only)
1) Classes for Neophyntes, Dedicates and Initiates shall be held as determined by the High Priestess.
2) The High Priestess shall establish the curriculaum.
3) Classes shall be held at designated locations and time.
4) Certain Courses and Initiations have service charges and must be paid in full before continuing further
A) Certain gatherings will be open only to Dedicates, Initiates and by invitation only From The High Priestess.
B) Dedicates and Initiates MUST adhear to the CODE OF CONDUCTS in regards to ALL FUNCTIONS of the Coven.
C) Classes shall be designated open only to Dedicates and Initiates of this Coven or open to individuals within the community by approval of the High Priestess
1) Classes For individuals within the community will have a nominal fee which will be used to benefit the Coven.
2) Rules Of Conduct apply.
3) Curriculum shall be approved by the High Priestess.
D) Dedicates and Initiates are expected to participate in Misas, Gatherings, and classes. If any attends fewer than 75% of these events, their status shall be subject to review by the High Priestess.
E) Special circumstances must be brought  up to the High Priestess.
A) The names, addresses, telephone numbers, and other information relating to individuals shall be considered confidential and may not disclosed to non-Members without the permission of the individual involved.
B) Disclosure of confidential information IS considered a violation of the Coven's Rules and are grounds for expulsion from the Coven.
Any part of these By-laws may be amended by The High Priestess.
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