Black Witch Magick Brand Colognes are home made using 100% pure essential oils and comes in a 7oz bottle priced at $10.00 each
FLORIDA WATER: Used in Spiritism services, purification, and cleansing
KANANGA WATER: A cologne used for spiritual services, purification, and memorials to the dead.
ORANGE BLOSSOM: Used for spiritual services and to attract luck in love and money
ROSE BLOSSOM: Used for spiritual services and to attract love and romance
ST. SIMON MAXIMON: Used for spiritual services in offering to "San Simon" (Saint Simon); worn as a good luck scent, especially for gambling and romance.
Black Witch Magick Brand Spiritual Waters are made with distilled water and scented with pure, natural scents and is used worn on the person, placed on the altar as offerings,sprinkled around the premises as needed, or sprayed on clients during spiritual rites.  They are bottled in 7oz bottles for $10.00
LAVENDER WATER: Used to bring peace and tranquility to a disruptive home
ORANGE WATER: Used to wash the body of those seeking luck or marriage and as an altar offering during invocations to the deities of Luck and Marriage.
PEACE WATER: Sprinkling PEACE WATER around the corners of the home will ensure that only kind people and good spirits may enter
ROSE WATER: Used to wash the bodies of those who seek love and as an altar offering during invocations to the goddess of Love
WAR WATER (Water Of Mars) : Used to overcome feelings of animosity in others and assists in defeating any enemy.
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