Friday, January 5, 2018

~ Ifa Divination ~

The following © information is courtesy of Awo Falokun and is shared with  his permission.

Agbo ato,

In the previous blog post I suggested that morning prayer is the foundation of Ifa spiritual discipline. We do oriki in the morning to place our ori in alignment with our ori inu and our iponri, meaning alignment with our conscious self, our inner self and our higher self. This alignment is sustained through guidance from divination. The process of divination has nothing to do with magic or fortune telling. Divination is a problem solving process. This process identifies the issues we need to resolve in order to maintain alignment.

When this alignment becomes a deeply embedded process we can access power that looks magical and we can use abilities inherent in ori that allow us to glimpse the future. These abilities are the result of problem solving and the development of good character, these abilities the point of specific divinations. In other divination will not necessarily give us what we want, but it will give us what we need. Morning divination is about identifying the personal internal contradictions that challenge alignment between ori ori inu and iponri. More divination is a call to courage. It is Spirit, here is your lesson for the day, here is your challenge for the day, here is the next step in the hero's journey. Resolve the contradiction experience inner peace and move on with your life or resist the contradiction and stay stuck in the same issue watching it repeat over and over again in your life. Divination is critical self evaluation.

If we learn a lesson we strengthen our iwa pele and increase our alignment with the earth. This process makes us feel better and makes us stronger and more powerful. If we pretend some all powerful diviner can fix our problems for us we do not develop iwa pele instead we develop dependency on the diviner who typically exploits that dependency by sell us something we don't need. Back in the day we used to call that a wolf ticket. For example, no ebo will break the cycle of addiction. Divination can identify the source of addiction and ebo can celebrate the decision to address the core issue but you are not going to break an addiction simply because a self styled diviner sprinkles juju dust on your head.

An awo who understands the function of divination will do prayers to support your decision but cannot will not and should not pretend to be able to make that decision for you no matter how many times they repeat the lie they are the voice of God. We are all Gods having a human experience and in that collective experience we can join hands to remember who we are, but the remembering remains an issue of personal choice.
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